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Let me guess, this isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve tried to lose weight before. You stayed STRONG and worked out HARD for a month or 2, saw minimal results and gave up.


You were able to lose weight, went back to your old habits because the weight was off, and then gained it back.

I have BEEN THERE! It’s so hard to get started on a weight loss journey. I struggled with yo-yo dieting for a good 5 years before I found the secret to my success. I’ve tried every fad diet in the big book of fad diets, I’ve tried expensive weight loss pills, I’ve tried spending hours at the gym, I’ve tried starving myself, I’ve tried wraps, creams and all sorts of other BS. I even hired a personal trainer!


  1. I learned to make it a lifestyle!
  2. I learned how to start loving myself and the journey!
  3. I joined a team of like-minded people to cheer each other on! (Most important of all!)

I’ve helped men and women of all shapes and sizes, with different starting points and different goals with these groups! I have found that this is usually the piece that is missing! Watch my video below to learn a bit more about what these “accountability groups” are!

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