About our tribe

My mission: To break the stigma society has with mental illness. Encourage women to see how badass they truly are with healthy living, fun workouts, personal development and ongoing support for one another.

Our team is made up of women all shapes, sizes, ethnicity’s, backgrounds, and ages. None of us are fitness nor nutrition experts, and none of us have all our sh*t together. But we’re always growing! We are apart of not 1 but 2 top 10 teams, and a top 100 team! This means you will be receiving some of the absolute best training there is! I’ve paid $100’s of dollars for trainings, and the value you get just from being in this group is incredible, and it’s FREE!

Do you wish you had girlfriends just as cool as you are? Do you love talking to people? Are you looking for a way you can pay it forward? Join the tribe and let’s be BFF’s!


Ready to join or have any questions? Contact me for more details on getting started!
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