stop making self care a reward

Stop Making Self Care a Reward

Self care is an amazing gift we can only give to ourselves. It is honoring our mind and bodies enough to listen to them first, and outside sources second. The only issue that comes with this is when we only allow ourselves to feel this way once we feel worthy of it.

What is Self Care?

Self care isn’t just reading a book on a quiet Sunday afternoon. It isn’t just a bubble bath and a glass of wine after a long day of work. Self care is all about honoring our mind, our body and our soul.

The more we can love ourselves, the more we practice this beautiful art. Loving ourselves is what makes us know we are worthy of feeling good as much as physically possible.

Yes, of course we can’t feel good all the time. Nobody can. People who practice self care, however, try to create more good moments than bad. They also choose to see the positive side of situations.

How Self Care Shouldn’t be Used

Sometimes, when life gets hectic, we try and put self care on the back burner. We tell ourselves, “I can relax, have fun, etc once I achieve _____.”

Self care isn’t a reward, it is a way of life.

I’ve been guilty of this a lot, especially as an entrepreneur. It has taken a lot of work to realize that not everything has to be done immediately, and I deserve to take breaks when I want to.

It may sound bizarre, I used to think so too.

“You mean, I just stop what I’m doing and be lazy whenever I want? I’ll never get anything done!”

Half of this is learning balance, and the other half is understanding that when you practice self care, you have a stronger urge to do what needs to be done.

There will always be things that we don’t want to do, that’s just life. Procrastination is not self care, as it creates stress. On the other end of the spectrum, piling tasks on top of each other isn’t healthy either.

Creating a Way of Life

  • Think about 3-5 feelings you want to experience. The only reason any of us do anything is because we hope it will make us feel a certain way. Figure out how you can feel these feelings every, single day.
    (Ex: I want to feel free, so every day I take a 30 minute walk by the lake because it makes me feel free)
  • Make a priority list every single day. What needs to be done, and what can wait for another day?
  • Say no to anything that doesn’t serve you, or doesn’t move you closer towards the feelings you want to feel.
  • Create a time-frame that is just “you” time. Figure out the time-frame you feel most stressed, and pencil in some “you” time.

I guarantee that once you start practicing self care every single day, and make it a way of life, you’ll actually feel more motivated to do the tasks you don’t feel like doing! You’ll be happier and more energized versus overworked and drained.

Honor your mind, body and soul. The rest will come.

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