Day Two: 2018 Habit Forming Challenge

If you haven’t completed day one, you can find it here!

Today is all about reverse engineering your goals. Basically, we are going to take our goals, give them a deadline and figure out exactly what action steps are needed to get there!

How to Reverse Engineer Goals:

Step 1: Create a goal
Step 2: Create a deadline (could be the entire year or just a couple months, completely up to you!)
Step 3: If you were to accomplish your goal, where would you need to be halfway through your deadline?
Step 4: Keep breaking it down until you know your exact daily & weekly goal
Step 5: What can you do this month to get closer to your end goal? This week? Today?


1.) Goal: Make 100k
2.) By the end of 2018
3.) To reach 100k in December, I would need to have made 50k by June, and 25k by March
4.) My monthly goal is $8,333, my weekly goal is $1,923
5.) This month I would need to sell ____ amount of ____ to achieve my monthly income goal. Ways I can promote my product this month would be ____. This week I need to get ____ accomplished. Today I can get started by doing _____.

This exercise can take a bit of time, but it’s so exciting to see everything all laid out! Once you know exactly what you need to be doing every day to reach your ultimate deadline, it’ll be easy to know which habits need to be created!

If you have any questions about this, please leave them below!

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