5 Signs you are an Emotional Eater

Are you an emotional eater? Overcoming emotional eating can be extremely challenging. In order to overcome emotional eating, we first have to address that we struggle with it.

If you can relate to 1 ore more of these signs, there’s a chance you are struggling with emotional eating.

1. You over eat, even if it’s just a couple of bites.

When we picture someone who is an emotional eater, we often picture someone crying in their bed eating an entire box of donuts. This isn’t always the case.

When we are physically full, we don’t need to stuff ourselves. So, if you’re eating even a few extra bites of your meal, this could be a sign that you are an emotional eater.

2. You eat when you’re not hungry.

If you’re physically hungry, your hunger will come on gradually. If you’re “emotionally hungry”, then it will seem as if your hunger is coming on suddenly! If you get a sudden urge to eat, that could be a sign you’re eating for a reason other than to fuel your body.

3. You get cravings for specific foods.

Craving foods (generally unhealthy) is a huge sign that you’re an emotional eater. Eating foods that we are craving gives us temporary pleasure. Think about it, when you eat what you’re craving, are you happier as a person? Or do you feel a small moment of pleasure? Be careful, because the pleasure is short-lived, we need to continually eat to maintain that high.

4. You feel terrible after you eat.

If you’re feeling guilty after you eat, it’s probably because deep down you know that you weren’t eating for the right reasons. Eating should feel good, and should give you fuel! Emotional eating gives us a short burst of pleasure, and then drawn out guilt.

5. You think if you can’t be perfect, there’s no reason to eat healthily.

So many of us get in the awful pattern of dieting and then binge eating. Binge eating (and emotional eating) comes from depriving ourselves for so long, that we finally give in and go overboard. All it takes is that one time of saying, “Oh well, I messed up. Might as well eat terribly the rest of the day!” to get back into that slump.

There’s a chance you read that and thought to yourself, “Oh my gosh, this is totally me! I’m definitely a binge eater!” Maybe you feel guilty or ashamed of this. If you do, please don’t feel this way! You are 100% not alone in this. The fact that you are owning up, and admitting that you have this problem is fucking amazing! Be proud of yourself!

You may be thinking, “Okay, but how do I stop this?”

Well, if you’re Serious about Breaking the Cycle…

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