7 Things Every High Vibe Babe Needs

7 Things Every High Vibe Babe Needs

Are you a high vibe babe, trying to be a high vibe babe, or know a high vibe babe? Then this list is for you! These are all things I have, use and LOVE that keep my vibes high! These make perfect gifts for a friend (in fact, a few of these were gifted to ME!) or you know, just treat yo’self because you’re a high vibe b*tch who needs more cool shit.

    1. An Essential Oil Diffuser

      I absolutely love my diffuser. I use it during work, yoga, or trying to fall asleep! There’7 Things Every High Vibe Babe Needss scents for every mood you’re in or trying to be in. The one I use is actually on sale and comes with all the oils you need to get started! You only need a few drops at a time, so it lasts forever!

      Promising Review:
      “It’s simple to set up easy to use. I absolutely love the box that all the essential oils come in. It is a small flat rectangular box that can fit in a drawer and it’s not bulky in any way. Plus the oils that come in the box or relatively strong smelling before I even open the Amazon box from the post office I could smell them and none of the bottles were leaking. The sense are very fragrant and really lighting up the room. Plus the lavender oil really relaxes me at night and helps me go to sleep, just be sure you don’t fall asleep with the thing onto because once the thing runs all the water you can ruin it.”

    2. The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck7 Things Every High Vibe Babe Needs

      Loving these cards by Gabrielle Berstein! They’re based off of her book, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith, which honestly is also something every high vibe babe needs in their life! Both the cards and her book will help you find strength, inspiration, and power when you need it most!

      7 Things Every High Vibe Babe NeedsPromising Card Deck Review:
      Just got my cards today! By far the BEST positive affirmation tool I have at my disposal. The cards are phenomenal quality and I can’t wait to put them up all over my house! So much gratitude!

      Promising Book Review:
      “I feel that this might be even better than may cause miracles. Great read, new refreshing information exercises and stories. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to refresh their universal faith or needs a fresh perspective.”

    3. Adult Coloring Book

      7 Things Every High Vibe Babe NeedsWho says coloring is just for kids? Adult coloring has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety so you can live a high vibe life! This one is my favorite, because not only do you get to zone out and make some beautiful designs, each page has a quote or saying that is meant to melt your stress away.

      Promising Review: 
      “Thank you!! This book has very good paper quality which I tend to look for in books I would like to purchase.”

    4.  Audiobooks

      7 Things Every High Vibe Babe NeedsIf you’ve followed me for awhile, you know how much I love a good audiobook. While I love reading from a paper book, I just don’t have the time to sit down and read everything that I want to. Not only that, but there’s nothing better than listening to something high-vibe when you’re doing laundry, dishes, driving to work, or even taking a shower!

      Since Amazon and I are besties, you can get 2 free audiobooks to see if you get as addicted as I am! If not, just cancel your trial online and enjoy the 2 free one’s!

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      Promising Review:
      “I can now listen to my favorite books on my smart phone. With my bluetooth headset, I can even listen when is stores without anyone knowing that I’m in “another world”. It works great.”

    5. Lavender Pillow Mist

      7 Things Every High Vibe Babe NeedsIf you struggle with falling asleep, this pillow mist is a life saver! You just spray a bit on your pillow and the aroma helps you to easily drift off to sleep. 1 bottle lasts for an extremely long time, so if you get the 2 pack, give one to a friend and keep one for yourself!

      Promising review:
      “I have tried a lot of different lavender scents. This one easily smells the best. I originally bought it to aid in my daughters relaxation at night.. but i started using it for the both of us as the smell is so pleasant.”

    6. Stress Relief Candle7 Things Every High Vibe Babe Needs

      One last scent related item, sound good? I’m pretty sure every woman who owns or rents any kind of household is in love with candles. While I love a good pumpkin spice or Christmas scented candle (yes, Christmas is a scent), high vibe babes deserve stress relief candles. My favorite is this one. A lot of candle scents can be a little overbearing, but this soft eucalyptus scent is pure perfection. Simply light this bad boy up after a long day and slip deep into relaxation.

      Promising review:
      “This is my favorite candle scent. Every time I light it I relax. I have one in my kitchen and bathroom. The green jar it comes in is nice and goes with most rooms.”

    7. Bedtime Tea7 Things Every High Vibe Babe Needs

      There’s no better way to raise your vibration than to get a restful night sleep. This tea contains a natural, soothing blend of herbs traditionally used for centuries to promote relaxation and sleep. It also contains valerian and organic chamomile that help to calm occasional nervousness and restlessness, and passionflower reduces stress to support sleep.

      Yogi also offers calming tea and stress tea!

      Promising Review:
      “I love a cup of this tea at bedtime! Great flavor, relaxing smell, and I don’t need to add anything to it. I will definitely reorder as it is being consumed quickly.”


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