3 Simple Steps to Start Practicing Gratitude

How to Practice Living in Gratitude

We all go through periods in life where we just aren’t feeling very grateful. It’s totally normal, and it doesn’t make you a bad person.

Living in gratitude is a decision though. You can choose to be thankful for everything you have in life, good or bad, and it will change your world. The universe gives you what you put out, so if you’re putting out negative, shitty vibes – that’s what you’re going to get back.

When you find the good in the bad, and the great in the simple you are living in gratitude.

Once you practice this, you will notice:

  1. Good things will happen to you more often. When you practice gratitude, you’re opening up and allowing good things to come to you. When you’re ungrateful, it’s hard to see all the amazing opportunities life has to offer. Gratitude is like a magical new lens you never knew existed!
  2. You’ll sleep better. By focusing on positive emotions, your stress levels will decrease. This means your brain won’t be racing with negative thoughts during the night.
  3. Your relationship with your friends, family and spouse will improve. By being grateful for the little things, you’ll start to really appreciate everyone you have in your life.
  4. You’ll gain confidence. Once you’re grateful for what you have, you will feel less resentment and envy meaning you’ll see YOUR value!

3 Simple Steps to Start Practicing Gratitude3 Simple Steps to Start Practicing Gratitude

Step One: Start a gratitude journal

This one is so important! Every day there are little things happening to be grateful for. My favorite type of gratitude journal is a “one sentence a day” style. This forces you to really think over your day and pick something new that you’re grateful for. If you’re ever feeling down, you can simply flip through your pages and remember all that you have! This one is my favorite!

Step Two: This is good because…

I actually have to credit this tip from Jen Sincero. Although I know we’ve all been told to “find the good in every bad situation” the way she put it in her book made sense in a way that I felt like I could actually apply it to real life. Let’s say your tire is flat. You say “This is good because… I can show my kids how to change a tire and how to stay calm in a poor situation.”

Now, I’m not saying don’t ever be pissed. You can always get mad about bad things that happen to you, that’s totally normal. Scream into a pillow, punch a punching bag, and then move on. Try to think of a lesson you learned from the situation and be grateful for it.

I highly recommend Jen’s book, You are a BadassListen to the audio version for free HERE!

Step Three: Say “Thank you” more often

What happens when you’re grateful? You say thank you!  Once you start realizing all the good there is, don’t just think about being grateful – say it loud and proud! Thank your friends for being there for you, thank your significant other for making you feel loved, or thank the universe for another day of life. There really is so much to be thankful for, and the more you practice your manners the better it feels!

It may feel unnatural to practice gratitude at first, but you’ll get better. Developing a new skill is like building more muscle. You start out small and work your way up. Before you know it, you’re stronger and in the habit! So flex your gratitude muscle, it’s sexy!


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