Meet Katherine! This girl works THREE jobs and has still been crushing her weight loss goals! She has struggled losing weight in the past, and has finally found something that works for her! Not only has she found success in our community, but she’s always inspiring everyone in the group with her amazing progress!

Seriously, how amazing does this girl look?! Se has lost a total of 30lbs and 25 inches! How incredible is that? I’m so proud of her for all her hard work, and inspiring the rest of us along the way!

My interview with Katherine:

1.) What was the first program you did in our accountability group?
Core De Force

2.) How did the workouts make you feel?
I felt amazing!

3.) Do you feel like the meal plans are easy to follow?
The meal plans are super easy and delicious!

4.) Did you notice any differences?
I lost a ton of weight, lost over 20 inches my first month and feel more in shape and healthier.

5.) How did your progress with these programs/accountability/meal plan compare with other methods you’ve tried in the past?
 I’ve been trying to lose weight for almost a decade and haven’t been able to. This group and programs made it possible! Now I weigh as much as I did in middle school!

6.) What was different about this experience?
The constant support and convenience on the meal plan and work out helped the most.

7.) Overall, how did you like the program, groups, and meal plan?
I loved it all! Everyone is positive and helpful. The programs are great and easy to follow!

If you want to join the same community Kat is in, click here for more details!

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