Meet Kaylee Ammons! Kaylee has been in my accountability group for a few months and has been rocking it! I love having her around, she’s probably the most consistent person in my community. It doesn’t matter what hardships she goes through, she always leans into the support – and it’s clearly working for her!

These results are only 2 weeks apart! It’s incredible what your body can accomplish with a little determination. In total though, she has lost 10lbs and 12.5 inches, and I don’t see her stopping anytime soon! She’s such an inspiration, and I feel honored to share her journey with you all!

My Q&A with Kaylee:

1.) What was the first program you did in our accountability group?
When I first started, the accountability group was 21 day fix.

2.) How did the workouts make you feel?
 The workouts helped release daily stress. It also gave me energy that i have never had. The best feeling and energy come from when I have a busy day and don’t feel like working out but do it anyway. It then gave me confidence in myself to push threw and reach my goals and be confident and comfortable to be me.

3.) Do you feel like the meal plans are easy to follow?
The meal plans are very easy to follow! Some of them even give you an exact grocery list to use also. It makes learning how to eat healthy and meal prep easy!

4.) How did drinking our superfoods shake make you feel?
I have always has stomach issues. My digestive system I guess was very slow and ever since drinking shakeology my stomach has done a 360. I have no more stomach pain, i’m going to the bathroom like a human should be instead of once a week. I can tell how much healthier my insides feel from this shake.

5.) Did you notice any differences?
Yes, I felt the difference in my belly! I lost 4 inches the first month!

6.) How did your progress with these programs/accountability/meal plan compare with other methods you’ve tried in the past?
The groups, meal plans, and programs were very easy to follow which made is easy to accomplish a goal each month!

7.) What was different about this experience?
The one thing that really helped with this program vs other programs is the accountability groups. No matter if you have a good or bad day they are there to support you and encourage you!

8.) Overall, how did you like the program, groups, and meal plan?
I absolutely loves everything about the programs, groups and meal plans that it has encouraged me to become a Coach

9.) Was there anything you disliked?
I have no complaints about what so ever. Best program I have came across so far.

10.) Is there anything else you would like to add?
I does’t matter what is going on in your life, (miscarriage, divorce,death etc.) your coach and group are there for you to encourage you, to listen to you and help you! NO JUDGMENT AT ALL
If you want to join the same community Kaylee is in, click here for more details!

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