Meet Tonanzint Frausto! 

This beautiful girl joined her first group with me in June and has been crushing it! She always cheers people on, follows the program to a T, and inspires me daily! When I asked her how much weight she lost she replied, “I have no idea! I stopped measuring and weighing myself, and just focused on how I felt and looked. I feel at the end of the day that’s what matters.” I’m so blessed to have met her, and I’m so happy to have her in my community! I had her answer a few questions for me to share her experience! If you have any questions for her, feel free to comment below!

She may not have weighed herself, but I think these killer results speak for themselves!


My Q&A with Tonanzint Frausto:

1.) What was the first program you did in our accountability group?
The first workout I did was Shaun T’s Shaun Week workouts!
2.) How did the workouts make you feel?
They made me feel a variety of things:
  1. accomplished and proud of myself for pushing up my standards of exercise
  2. exhausted and super sweaty haha!
  3. I felt more energy!
  4. excitement and nervousness for next workout
3.) Do you feel like the meal plans are easy to follow?
Yes the meal plans are super easy to follow! Insanity has a complete variety of meal options which I love! Keeps the food fun and not boring lol
4.) How did drinking our superfoods shake make you feel?
It made me feel amazing! I loved the taste! Cafe latte fan here! It made me feel full and energized!
5.) Did you notice any differences?
I noticed a difference in my graveyard shifts. I didn’t feel as tired as I did before. I noticed my hair grew! And TMI but I used the facilities 🚽 more often lol 
6.) How did your progress with these programs/accountability/meal plan compare with other methods you’ve tried in the past?
Well this has the complete package! I felt previous programs didn’t have everything I was looking for. This meets all my expectations:
1) workouts that are short but intense
2) meal/nutrition support
3) workout from home!
4) affordable price!
5) I love that I’m not alone on this journey and seeing everyone’s transformations! This inspires me to keep pushing through. And it’s great being able to follow successful people on social media who have used this programs and receive their inspiration/motivation/tips
7.) What was different about this experience?
The biggest difference I noticed about this experience was the short but intense workouts! I never would’ve imagined I would sweat so much from a 40 min workout. I’ve ran for that long (and even longer) and I didn’t even sweat that much!! It’s crazy (in a good way) how the workouts target every area of the body.
8.) Overall, how did you like the program, groups, and meal plan?
I love beachbody and everything it has to offer! I would highly recommend this to anyone who is on the fence for making a change in their life. Trust me you won’t regret it! The ability to workout from home, easy access to contact your coach for tips etc, and have an awesome nutrition guideline makes this journey a whole lot smoother!
9.) Was there anything you disliked?
I love insanity! I love how Shaun T pushes me every single time. The only thing I can say that I dislike is how much he makes me work my ass off! Haha but afterwards it’s a rewarding feeling knowing that I pushed through and stayed disciplined to working out.


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