Meal prep Sunday, a weekly holiday for those of us who are into health and fitness! While meal prepping makes my life so much easier, it can be overwhelming for anyone who hasn’t mastered the art of it!

Here are some ways I make meal prep a BREEZE!

  1. Start planning BEFORE Sunday arrives! Get strategic about what kind of foods you want to prepare, and specifically shop for those ingredients. Try to use the same ingredients in multiple meals to avoid wasting foods. A big mistake people make is buying lots and lots of veggies without a plan of how they’ll use them. Plan ahead, and you’ll save yourself hassle and money!
  2. Use Bento Boxes! These bad boys have changed my life for meal prep! There are a couple different versions of them. I have a set of round containers and the containers with 3 compartments. These are microwave and dishwasher safe, and under $20!

2. Cook bulk amounts of meat, and season the sections differently to have some variety. This way your salads are SET for the week, and you won’t get bored with the variety. For example, one section could be spicy and another could be lemon pepper. Lots of possibilities!

3.  Healthy snack bars such as LaraBars or RX Bars! These are my two favorites! They are all natural ingredients. Be weary of “dieting bars” that have artificial sweeteners. If it says 0g of sugar, that’s usually an indicator that there’s some fake stuff in there!

4. Keep “grab and go” snacks your purse, at your desk, and out where you can see them! Some examples are the bars mentioned in 3, fresh apples or bananas, or some almonds. (Just make sure to portion your almonds/nuts!)

5. Utilize your freezer! Soups, smoothie blends, and broths can be frozen in ice cube trays!  There’s lots of freezer friendly recipes out there! Check out The Healthy Make-Ahead Cookbook: Wholesome, Flavorful Freezer Meals the Whole Family Will Enjoy! This book is amazing and under $10! Score!

6.  Get out your crock pot! Using this amazing invention you can make large meals all at once! I usually plan on using this tip on days I work so I can come home to a delicious home cooked meal that fills the house with happy smells! Simply cut up all your veggies you’ll use and set meat in the fridge to thaw. Throw everything in before work and you’re good to go! Don’t have one? This one is my favorite!

Have any other tips that you use to meal plan and prep? Comment and share below! If you found value in this, share with a friend! 


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Monique · June 21, 2017 at 3:23 am

Great tips! I love freezing soups, so when I transport them into the office I know they won’t spill. Leave them out till lunchtime, and then heat them up in the microwave!

Lianne · June 26, 2017 at 7:00 am

I really need those boxes!

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