Look, I get it.

Cancer SUCKS, it DOES! Cancer killed my beautiful grandmother who was otherwise extremely healthy. It’s scary that there’s no cure, right? We’re all so obsessed with finding a cure for this terrible disease. Hell, we wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemies.

But guess what…
It’s NOT the leading cause of death. The LEADING cause of death does have a cure.


Sooooooo, then why is it the leading cause of death? 

Here’s why I’m so passionate about what I do as a coach. The leading cause of death could be avoided with just a little bit of education and implementation. So many people don’t realize the repercussions of their poor eating habits.

“We’re all going to die anyway, I’ll eat what I want.” What a selfish fucking thing to say. Are you truly okay with leaving your family before your time because you choose not to take the time to educate yourself on the harm you’re doing?

I think when we hear the term “healthy lifestyle” our brains short circuit a bit. “Wait, so like a diet, that lasts forever?” YES! That’s literally what the word “diet” MEANS!


Don’t think that this means you have to be perfect all the time. But it does mean you have to make somewhat of an effort to feed your body good things, and to add movement into your life!

Movement doesn’t HAVE to be hard. It doesn’t have to be something you hate. It doesn’t even have to be at the gym! Dance, go to the park, do yoga, go swimming, do an at home workout, do something with your body because you’re able to! Just. Move.

Oh, and since I get side tracked easily, the leading cause of death is heart disease. There’s a big misconception that this is genetic, but it’s really not. What’s genetic is poor lifestyle habits.

Can you still die as a healthy person? Of course. But it’s no coincidence that this is the leading cause of death.

Once you wrap your brain around the fact that more people choose to die than those are affected with cancer, it’s pretty mind boggling. Yes, food tastes good. Especially the bad stuff. Yes, it’s easier to watch reruns on Netflix than to work out.

But is it worth it?

Your actions today are what create your future. I hope you take this into consideration.

For more information on my health and fitness services, click here! I’m always enrolling new members into my healthy lifestyle groups! They’re fun and simplify your life! Let’s change the statistic. <3

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Lianne · June 22, 2017 at 9:06 am

I always had a pretty healthy diet, but now that I’m chronically ill and have some kind of yeast bothering me, I upped my veggie intake, no fruit for 3 weeks (hard! I’m on day 13. Yeast loves sugar) and have been eating very clean lately. I must say it’s already paying off. I have more energy which was the main goal. I will never go back to eating sugar, bad carbs and prepacked food.

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