If you’re looking for a wild beach city, Anna Maria Island is not what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a laid back, relaxing beach town then this is the place for you!

billy anna maria islandBilly standing in front of the Anna Maria City Pier 

When we traveled to Anna Maria Island most recently, we used AirBnB and it was truly the best decision we could have made. We were able to stay for $89 for a night, and didn’t have to check out until 6:00PM. Not all hosts will allow this check out time, but if you look around you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay for half the price of a nice hotel!

Save $40 on your stay with AirBnb

18118897_10158829500580657_7345850936860151431_n Enjoying the scenery at our home for the night

Our hosts were extremely friendly and talked to us for a bit when we arrived, but then gave us full privacy! We’re pretty introverted, so we really appreciated it.

The best part? They let us use their kayaks – for free! And for as much as we wanted! How cool is that?!
(Pssst – neither of us have ever used kayaks before, don’t tell our host)

kayak billyBilly steering the kayak the hosts let us use – for free!

So, if you travel down here. I highly suggest Vicki as your host. On the AirBnb site, it should say “Vicki – kayak with dolphins”. Although we didn’t see any dolphins, a lot of her guests have amazing pictures with them!

Me, wishing I had an ocean kayak of my own

Every time we visit, we NEVER miss an opportunity to visit Poppo’s Taqueria. It’s a Chipotle styled restaurant, and it’s truly incredible! The people who work there are always so friendly and accommodating, and the food there is to die for! They’re very knowledgeable about the ingredients too, so don’t hesitate to ask them anything.

Oh, and they have an adorable outdoor deck with hanging chairs or comfy couches to sit on.

popposMy view at Poppo’s Taqueria 

And of course, who can forget the GORGEOUS beach? Some of the bluest water and cleanest sand I’ve ever seen has been at Anna Maria Island. This is probably the top reason I recommend a visit here. I don’t know about you, but if there’s any crazy sea creatures swimming about, I want to be able to see them coming my way.

If you take a visit here, let me know how you like it! I hope you have as much fun as we always do. <3

Oh, and do NOT miss out on the sunsets there.


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