We’ve all said this before, “I’ll start that _____ diet after the holidays.” or “My birthday is next month so I don’t want to start changing my lifestyle just yet.”

I get it. I really do. You KNOW going in that you’re going to want cake and margaritas on your birthday (or maybe that’s just me?) and you KNOW that no matter how many veggies you fill your plate with, you’re still going to have lots of turkey (and pie) on Thanksgiving.

And guess what?

That’s totally okay! 
*internally dancing*

The best part of adapting eating healthy and working out as a lifestyle versus something temporary, is that you can go full force into holidays with the mentality that you can have a few off days and still have results in the long run.

One day of healthy eating will not make you skinny, just as one day of cake and margs will not make you gain 100 pounds over night.

Enjoy your life girl! And have a nice ass while doing it! 😉 

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