Take a deep breath and remember that no matter what you do or don’t accomplish today, you’re still enough.

Slowing down my thinking and living in the moment has been my biggest challenge. The second I wake up my brain starts overloading me with to-dos.

“Work on your challenge group. Work on your free group. Exercise. Make breakfast. Study for your test. Clean the apartment. Clean your car. Call the insurance company. Plan your week. Write in your blog. Work your business. Blah blah blah.”

Welcome to the mind of an anxious person.

I took a deep breath and told myself, “Right here, in this moment, nothing bad is happening. You’ll get done what needs to be done. Relax.”

If you woke up with a brain filled with anxious thoughts, cut yourself some slack. Do something relaxing, & THEN write down your to-do list.

TELL yourself that you’re enough, you’re doing the best you can. Because you are.

It’s SATURDAY! Let’s all have a day filled with coffee and good vibes.


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