Okay guys, please go easy on me!

The photo on the left is so incredibly hard to share. It’s not something I’m proud of, and I can just see the misery in my face.

But, if one person sees this, and feels inspired then this all will be worth it. So here it goes!

This sad girl on the left had tried it all. She would workout for hours at the gym. She would eat super strict, slip up once, and then not only throw in the towel but completely over-eat to deal with the disappointment of letting herself down.

She spent 100’s on pills that made her feel jittery, she tried the firming creams that only worked temporarily, she tried all the cleanses that made her feel sluggish, she tried the grapefruit diet, the military diet and every other diet fad out there.

This was the picture she took right before she made the decision that changed it all.

The girl on the right works out regularly, but still misses them from time to time. She follows her meal plan about 80% of the time, but still has slip ups. She talks nicely to herself, and gives herself grace when she messes up. She loves herself through the good times and the bad.

Yes, my weight loss journey has been slower than it could have been. But I still party! I indulge regularly. I miss workouts from time to time. And that’s OKAY!

If you want someone perfect, sign up with Jillian Michaels. If you want someone who will help you lose weight and get in shape for the long hall without feeling like you’re missing out, then sign up with me!

My goal in life is to change as many lives as possible. Whether it’s through a challenge group, free group, 1 on 1 support, or just seeing my posts on social media.

If you’ve been looking for something that ACTUALLY works long term, send me a message so we can chat! My accountability group just took off, and there’s still time to get started and even win prizes!

Who’s ready to get their body ready for the summer?!



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