I still remember this day.

I had moved to Florida over the summer. We went to the beach A LOT and I always compared myself to the other girls there.

I struggled with acne. I struggled with poor body image. I wasn’t sleeping well. I was going in and out of anxiety and depression.

I decided I needed change. I started going to the gym and eating a lot less. I would spend at least an hour at the gym, usually more.

I was not seeing results, and it was crushing me.

When I came across the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology I thought “Yeah right. Like I’m going to lose weight working out for less time and eating more than I do now.”

So I put it off. For months.

Finally, tax season rolled around and I took the plunge. I was absolutely astonished with my results and I never looked back.

I’m happier. My skin has cleared up. My hair is longer and healthier. My bloating is mostly gone. My love-handles are melting away. And I’m truly starting to love my body.

Actually, looking at these pictures is firing me up to work HARDER!

Are you sick of the negative self talk?
Unsure of where to start?
Feel discouraged because the people around you don’t understand why you want a healthier lifestyle?
And of course, who’s trying to look smoking HOT at the beach (or hell, let’s be real, the bedroom)?

If you are, the program I used costs LESS than a gym membership. It’s a HEALTHY weight loss plan. No magic fat melting pills.

I’m calling my February group “Love HANDLED🙌” because being cheesy is all I know how to do.


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